Is something truly over until you’ve celebrated it?


On Sunday 26 November we’re having a relaxed welcome back party at the Bondi Bowling Club at the very kid friendly time of 2pm.

This is a chance for us to catch up with, and thank alot of the people that have been integral to this expedition; friends, family, sponsors and supporters, and to celebrate this crazy family journey that we’ve been and are still on!

Everyone is welcome!

We’ll bring the carts and have some of the some of the equipment from the trip set up, so you can have a pull on our carts and see exactly how much fun we were having!

We’ll be charging a $10 door that will go towards the Western Deserts Dialysis – our charity of choice for this expedition.

Sunday 26th November
2pm @ the Bondi Bowling Club
Barracluff Park, (Corner of Old South Head Rd), Warners Ave, North Bondi